Simply Sleep

from by The Endless



Strings are sliding through time and place
eleven levels and counting
if only my arms could reach that far
kiss the ground for me when you get there

but when we sleep we are deathless
so come to bed

if i could slide through to you
light-years or miles, temporal-wise
my toes would still be cold against your thigh
but you’d be mine
you’d be mine
you said you would go
even though you could not come home

i place my fingers just so
tracing your outline on pillows
the lines where you’d find your comfort
the shadows that your body throws
i’m tired of being the ground
for any stray lightning rolling through town

you may not see it, but i’m smiling
you may not hear it in my voice
you may not know i vanished long ago
such were the terms of my choice
‘cause i will make no bargains with gods or human dreams
i know too well the loopholes they’re brandishing

but when we sleep we’re not parted
so go to bed

we meet outside of time, outside of space to oscillate


from the Republic of Heaven, released January 1, 2005




The Endless Los Angeles, California

The Endless are a husband-and-wife folktronica duo from Los Feliz, CA, mixing haunting female vocals and electronic shoegaze and dreampop sensibilities while evoking such artists as Florence + The Machine, Bat For Lashes, and Imogen Heap. Their four albums have been met with worldwide critical acclaim and they are hard at work on a new album for release in 2015. ... more

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