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did you see the moon this morning rising with the sun?
could it be we’re coming to a time of inclusion?
i am waiting at the fountain
in the fields
the fields of Huntington

do you know
do you know
do you know i love you?
did i say
do i say
did i say it enough?
do you live
do you live
with that love inside you?
i do

it’s so simple to complicate a sensuous decision
to live this lovely flesh and have a laugh
do you feel the pang to all the years that we have lost
to cultivating gardens in the sand?
i bend to kiss your hand
and i kiss my own

do you know
do you know
do you know i love you?
have i shown
have i shown have i shown it to you?
do you turn
do you turn
do you turn it around?

i do all of the words
in all of the worlds
they aren’t enough

can you see can
you see her run?
will she know
she know who i was?
here’s roses and grovers for remembrance
here’s roses and grovers so she’ll know


from the Republic of Heaven, released January 1, 2005




The Endless Los Angeles, California

The Endless are a husband-and-wife folktronica duo from Los Feliz, CA, mixing haunting female vocals and electronic shoegaze and dreampop sensibilities while evoking such artists as Florence + The Machine, Bat For Lashes, and Imogen Heap. Their four albums have been met with worldwide critical acclaim and they are hard at work on a new album for release in 2015. ... more

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