Holiday EP 2014 - In The Waves (Part II)

by The Endless



Hello, friends! Another year has passed, and this Holiday EP, we are happy to share another two songs from our upcoming album, "In The Waves." Slowly, but surely, this album is coming into fruition, and we are glad to give you a sneak peek of two new songs: "Grateful" and "Arrow & Bow."

Please note that all proceeds from the sale of this download go to Doctors Without Borders. When downloading, please consider donating to their worthy cause.

We wish you the happiest of holiday times, and a peaceful 2015!

Adriana & David
The Endless


released December 17, 2014

All songs written and produced by The Endless

The Endless are:
Adriana Roze - vocals, programming
David Roze - guitars, keyboards, programming

Recorded & Mastered at Audio26




The Endless Los Angeles, California

The Endless are a husband-and-wife folktronica duo from Los Feliz, CA, mixing haunting female vocals and electronic shoegaze and dreampop sensibilities while evoking such artists as Florence + The Machine, Bat For Lashes, and Imogen Heap. Their four albums have been met with worldwide critical acclaim and they are hard at work on a new album for release in 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Grateful
you light the lamp, then douse the torch
when things you summon get too close
you've got a seesaw heart
you want it, then you don't
you will, and then you won't
and you are holding back
holding back

you should be grateful
your arms are not tied anymore to the tracks

you want the joy without the mess
to cut the bloom, but spare its death
you give me wrong ideas
about the way Love is
you want to pull it in
and then push it back
push me back

you should be grateful
your arms are not tied anymore to the tracks

look around
look around you
look around
it's all around you
Track Name: Arrow & Bow
from the dark
and silent deep
from the depth of dreamless sleep
she heard him calling
she heard the calling

from the crests
the swell and peak
from memory of a dream
he heard her calling
he heard her calling, "Come be my arrow."

seven years
she hid her skin
just to walk the land with him
watching him grow
arrow & bow

and if you ever want to come back
don't you ever come back here
I've got to meet you on the mountain
you weren't made for an ocean
you've got to make it to the mountain
you've got to see the horizon

arrow & bow

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